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Anti-cipated re:sults

O, I completely forgot to post this here. I guess I'm rather busily distracted these days....

I was so thrilled to be given the freedom and authority to design, create, and direct this project! Adventures during the course of this project included trying to purposely explode something in the freezer; set decorating with a forklift; what to do with actors who are too damn goodlooking for the parts they're playing; and what happened when the Vancouver cops showed up on set.

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Tonight is the premiere theatrical screening of Anticipated Results, a book trailer I wrote and directed for author Dennis Bolen. From early July onward I was enthusiastically, excitedly buried in designing, writing, directing, and editing this project, and even now still have some post-production wrap-up work yet to do. Two versions of this video were produced: the final cut, which is screening tonight, and the Director's cut, a version I edited myself on my clunky Crayons-and-legos software.

The video is screening tonight. I am not in attendance.

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bright white day


I am so pleased to be part of this world, today. Sometimes, society does things right and life is so very good.

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The things I do for money

Today at work I made a small bet with my boss -- as per his suggestion, we'd agreed that the loser would do a lap around the outside of the store (it's a big store, on a hill, and it's beautifully hot summer weather). Two employees witnessed our agreement.

I lost.

So he's all, "Okay, gimme a lap, running."

I looked at the staff members and clarified, "I didn't hear anything about running, did you? Lemme get my smokes and I'll head out and do my lap. I'll be back in ten minutes."
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Well that's just groovy!

Honestly, I'm surprised I hadn't seen this before! This was made by some friends-of-friends and a whole slew of volunteers, for the sole purpose of having fun while padding their CVs.

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The (im)persistence of Gods

Walked by the Fijian temple-slash-community cultural centre on the corner of Napier and Salsbury several times before I clued in....

I guess religion/culture isn't as economically viable as a townhouse development.

In other news, Christianity blindly saunters on....

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F*cked-up caterpillar

Here's my take on the issue-du-jour.

(This was originally intended to be a quick-and-dirty video a week or two ago, but I got sidetracked by other adventures. Life is what happens when you're making other projects.)
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