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Variations on Fire and Light

The things I do for money

The things I do for money

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punk Raffi
Today at work I made a small bet with my boss -- as per his suggestion, we'd agreed that the loser would do a lap around the outside of the store (it's a big store, on a hill, and it's beautifully hot summer weather). Two employees witnessed our agreement.

I lost.

So he's all, "Okay, gimme a lap, running."

I looked at the staff members and clarified, "I didn't hear anything about running, did you? Lemme get my smokes and I'll head out and do my lap. I'll be back in ten minutes."
  • Everything awesome happens at once -- life is good!

    Thanks muchly for the invites! Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend tonight's gala as I'm shooting for a vid early-squirrelly tomorrow morning then will be on the road to Abbotsford for more shooting -- as director, I should really be awake and have my brain intact! I'll try to make it to your 'do next weekend -- I'd love to see you, and your 'honey' is such an awesome person to laugh and chat with!
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