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An unlikely marriage

If I worked for a big company....Oh, waitaminnit, I do.


If I worked in the marketing department of a big company, I like to think I'd produce media something along this flavour....

Woolite commercial, as directed by shock-rocker/horror movie creator Rob Zombie.

Interesting that I come across this the same day I met with a writer to discuss the possibility of me directing a video trailer for one of his books.
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Sign of the Armageddon: even *I'm* talkin' hockey

I know a few folks who are fairweather fans. During the regular season, they're not into hockey, but soon as our hometeam started doing well in the playoffs, they were all scores this, players that, making their plans around The Game.

* * * * *

The Canucks haven't made it this far since Jesus Himself was on the team....Of course Jesus played hockey! That's why He had a playoff beard.

* * * * *

Punk rock and hockey playoffs -- the only two things I know that bond together such a massive group of men who, across cultural, socioeconomic, and religious divides, are united by their hair.
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Ain't that right

Beware the chick with the camera

A belated birthday card for my dear friend and fellow performing poet Heather Haley.

Hit the "HD" option (O, methinks that's not actually available on LiveJournal -- only when you're actually on the YouTube page), grabba cuppa tea, and settle in for nearly 20 minutes of quips and quotes by all sorts of folks from the literary community, from Dennis Bolen to Jenn Farrell, from Kedrick James to Bonnie Nish. (On second thought, you may wanna skip the tea -- there's some "spit tea all over keyboard"-worthy gigglemoments in there.)

More Heather Haley at her website.

Music by German industrial artist Faderhead, used with permission. If you are down with dark bouncy goth-pop, please take a moment to check out his work, as he really is a hard-working and decent guy. When I asked him if I could use some of his stuff in my artvideos, he browsed through my YouTube uploads, gave me the go-ahead, and remarked, "Your stuff is cool, I don't pretend to "understand" it, but I like the vibe!"
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Warning label

Kilroy was here

Today on Burrard Street, had to detour here and there due to a few blocks of road blocked off with police tape, sidewalks clogged with clots of pedestrians, one man's voice yelling, incoherent and ranting.

Please let it be a white guy in a suit, I kept thinking. Whatever madness, whatever imbalance, whatever unfortunate turn of the stars has affected this individual -- if he is any colour other than white, his behaviour will be blamed on his culture.

A duck and turn through the crowd, and I could see on the far side of the street a dark-dressed man yelling, waving a red-sheathed-sword. His skin was dark, his beard long, and his turban indigo.

The islamophobes are going to have a heyday with this one.
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writing on the wall


In a McDonald's restaurant, two girls beat a transgendered woman until she collapses in a seizure. The restaurant's employees and customers stand around and watch, one even laughing and taping the whole thing on his cellphone.

This kind of thing still happens? Really? I simply cannot wrap my head around it.
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A modern fairy tale, for adults.

The original, much more detailed version of this project featured rather difficult reverse lipsynching and some really nifty slow-mo and highspeed visuals. I wish you coulda seen it -- it really was quite something! That version took a few months to complete, then my computer crashed and the project files disappeared. All the king's horses and all the king's men (including several computer geeks) could only find a few audio/video pieces (and a bunch of interesting but unreadable data), which after many moons of grumbling and pondering were cobbled together into this much simpler version.
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