Variations on Fire and Light

"Her name is Galatea, and she has red hair and stands slightly over five-and-a-half feet in height. Her eyes are green, and her complexion pale, and men call her lovely but generally avoid her company. She lives in a big old house which she has remodelled....She keeps to herself and runs up large bills with the...power company. She lives alone save for...servants. She favours dark colours in her garb and her surroundings. She occasionally plays tennis, or else fences at the local sports centre. She always wins. She orders large quantities of chemicals from local wholesalers. Men who have dated her say that she is stupid, brilliant, over-sexed, a prude, fascinated with her deathwish, full of joie-de-vivre, an alcoholic, a teetotaller, and a wonderful dancer. She has had many dates, few friends, no suitors, and her lovers be -- unknown. It is suggested that she maintains a laboratory, and perhaps engages in unknown researches."
-- from Roger Zelazny's "Angel, Dark Angel."

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